About Us

Ginger Galore is an all-natural health and beauty line, which includes products made from ginger to be used internally and externally.

Ginger Galore is founded and owned by Samari Walker. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She grew up eating very unhealthy. When she went off to college she decided to start living a healthy lifestyle. One day she tried a smoothie not knowing ginger was in the recipe. She described ginger as “the worst flavor ever.” In 2016-2017, Samari was getting sick very often so she researched the best way to build her immune system. “What did she find?” GINGER TEA! She was very skeptical but eventually she tried it. She continued drinking the tea and realized she wasn’t getting sick anymore. She realized it was a natural healer so she created her own recipe. Her desire to share it with the world created Ginger Galore.