Chai Nilla

Chai Nilla


This herbal, spicy and sweet vanilla tea is the perfect ending to every night.

This tea is designed to relieve stress, help with detoxification, eliminate constipation, and help with inflammation and pain

Directions: Shake well. Enjoy hot.


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Vanilla Chai Black Tea – packed with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory effects, helps with detoxification, boost heart health and lower high blood sugar, aid digestion, stress reliever, help fight
inflammation and pain, reduce menstrual cramps, promote healthy bones, helps eliminate constipation, help mental health, powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties

Ginger – gingerol is a substance with powerful medicinal properties; an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, reduces muscle pain and sickness, fights infection, improves brain function and protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Pure Vanilla Extract – reduce cholesterol, prevent inflammation of arteries and blood clots, healing properties, strengthen hair and induce blood flow to the scalp promoting hair growth, help with anxiety, reduce acne, promotes healthy digestion, aid in weight loss, help ease
respiratory conditions

Honey – antibacterial property, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, treat wounds, burns, sores, and boils, heat diabetic ulcers, promote oral health, soothe a sore throat, improve digestive symptoms, treat symptoms, protect against damage caused by bacteria

Nutmeg – relieves pain, boost immune system, detoxification, antibacterial agent, provide calming effects, provide sleep inducing and de-stressing effects, helps digestion, brain health, reduce depression and anxiety, prevents insomnia


16oz., 1gal., 32oz.


Sweetened, Unsweetened


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